CrossFit by BodyFit

A CrossFit Gym for Hemet and San Jacinto

CrossFit by BodyFit is the home of the original CrossFit in the Hemet and San Jacinto Valley. Owners Kevin and Robin Penner have a hands on approach to CrossFit and are very involved with all the CrossFit athletes and members. They have spent years building up this local CrossFit community into what it is. CrossFit by BodyFit also offers CrossFit Kids classes.

CrossFit by BodyFit is home to all athletes of all abilities and fitness levels. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get back in shape, or compete in high level competitions, CrossFit by BodyFit is the place in Hemet and San Jacinto to train. Workouts are scaled to your fitness level.

What is important to remember is that we are not here to just get in a workout. We are here to help you change your life and achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. That is one of the reasons that community is so important. When you come in, you will have people cheering you on, and you might not even know their names. But you will, soon.

Come down and try it out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals.

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What is CrossFit?


  • 12032018_10208113349570646_4220272913605586859_n

    Tuesday WOD 10.06.15

    WARM UP CrossFit by BodyFit Warm up 3 Rounds Every 30 sec Pull ups Push ups Sit ups Air squats this is a warm up… Start out easy but consistent Add total number of reps WOD Complete the following in the least amount of sets possible: 50 Handstand Push Ups 100 Pull ups *Complete 50 […]

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  • 12074637_10208151247158062_3267801075313341509_n

    Mon WOD 10.05.15

    WARM UP Burgener Warm Up The Burgener warm-up is performed with a length of PVC pipe or a dowel and specifically trains the second and third pulls of the snatch. Repetition of these six sequences with little or no weight conditions the body to move properly through the power phases of the snatch and the […]

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  • 9d0c164ff62519f4d778740217fea87a2a051c667c6b721c7d9003373f66a91c

    Strongman Thursday 10.01.15

    WARM UP 20 Burpees for time SMWOD For time — 100 reps bench press or strict press (choose weight) 8  (4 left 4 right arm) KB clean and jerk @ 70/53 for every fail or rack Post loads and times to comments. then Push jerk 3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1 (try to increase on every set) use an Axle Bar […]

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  • 12039369_10206430236088370_8606978275933921910_n

    Wed WOD 09.30.15

    WARM UP Trainers Choice WOD Nancy 5 rounds for time of: Run, 400 m 15 Overhead Squats, 95/65 lbs STRENGTH Strict Press 60% 1RM 3x10reps  

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  • 12075045_10206172628609373_3272797326161460335_n

    Tuesday WOD 09.29.15

    WARM UP Trainers Choice WOD Elizabeth 21-15-9 reps, for time of: Clean, 135/95 lbs Ring Dip EWOD 10 rounds, each for time, of: 100-meter sprint Rest 90 seconds Post times for each round to comments

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  • 12042633_10206456089434573_7617614800862063887_n

    Mon WOD 09.28.15

    WARM UP Trainers Choice WOD Ten rounds for time of: 12 Burpees 12 Pull-ups Post time to comments STRENGTH Back Squat 60% 1rm 5x10reps

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