Archive | August 29, 2008

Burpee Challenge Day 15

Hey, Everyone! Just wanted to remind you that today is Day 15, that means by now you should have already completed 120 burpees! Everyone is doing an awesome job! Remember to keep us updated. . . the comments are closed for this post but go the Challenge Update page and drop us a line. CrossFit […]


200m Run/Carry 70lbs 3 Muscle Ups (or 4 pull ups + 4 ring dips= 1 muscle up) 12 Power Clean 135lbs 12 Squat Jump w/ 20lbs d-ball 12 Kettle Bell Snatch (each arm) 35lbs 12 Weighted Sit Ups 35lbs plate 12 Push Press 135lbs 3 Muscle Ups 2 Rounds Dakota passed away a couple months […]