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Hoover Ball Sign-ups!

Saturday August 30th 9:30am Bodyfit will have it’s first Hoover Ball Tournament. It is only $10.00/person to participate. The tournament will be held in the park near Bodyfit. Photo courtesy of Be sure to check the Upcoming Events page for more special workouts. Leave a comment to let us know if you would like […]

No Excuses

We’ve all been there. Struggling to find our breath with our muscles on fire. Wanting nothing more than to quit. Whether or not you quit rarely has anything to do with your protesting body, it has to do with your determination and your heart. We are all capable of extraordinary things… we need only to […]

Burger Bet

It’s inevitable. Every time we get together to watch a fight some sort of Bodyfit bet gets made and as to be expected the loser must face his punishment and/or humiliation. Kevin chose Heath Herring over Brock Lesner so he’s is on the losing end this time and will complete an In-N-Out Fran this Saturday, […]

100 Day Burpee Challenge Updates

Hey, Everyone! Please use this thread to keep us all updated on your progress throughout the 100 days. Just leave your comments here when you need some encouragement, have any feedback, or just want to brag =P. We are very excited to have so many people participating in the challenge, including those of you how […]


For time: 50 Pull-ups 50 Ring Dips 40 Pull-ups 40 Ring Dips 30 Pull-ups 30 Ring Dips 20 Pull-ups 20 Ring Dips 10 Pull-ups 10 Ring Dips Post time in comments.

Team Workout

Team Workout 200 pull ups (1 team member at a time) 400 push ups (2 team members at a time) 600 air squats (2 team members at a time) 50 yrd tire flips (as a team) 100m walking lunge (weighted)(as a team) 400m run (as a team) The teams so far: Team Elite: Tim, Lynay, […]