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Elena’s Story

Elena has been training with me for a little over 3 yrs. When she first came to the Garage (where we called Crossfit by BodyFit Home before we moved to a facility) She was very reluctant to CrossFit … I remember her saying ” I’m not doing that ” or ” I’m not lifting that ” … To be honest […]

Where Are the Warriors?

Man this fires me up!  How bout you? Where Are the Warriors? By Mike Snader Maybe it’s the long work weeks, maybe it’s the hustle of running the kids around, or maybe it’s the lack of self-discipline and you find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t do something. It’s easier that way. Only […]

Athlete of the Month May 2011

Athlete Name: Tiffany McKenzie Occupation/Where you work: Heritage High School. I teach Anatomy/Physiology and A.P. Biology Where are you from? Hemet (I know I traveled far) How did you find out about CFBF? My cousin Nick had done CrossFit while living in Long Beach and told me about it….he found BodyFit when he moved out […]

How to Bully a Barbell!

Time to bully some barbells in your life?  Written by Travis Schefick The sickening feeling begins to churn the moment I see the workout of the day has heavy barbell movements. If one thing rings true for me in CrossFit it’s that barbells are cold and unforgiving. However, in the sport of fitness, there’s no […]

Creating A Fitness Vision

After our goal setting challenge by Travis during the Paleo Seminar, I ran across this great post from  I think in life, diet and sport, we should all be continually working on and defining and re-defining our goals as circumstance and time dictate.    If we set them once and never do anything to promote, foster […]

Sectionals Wod 2 – Are You Ready?

So Sectional WOD #1 is in the books?  Now what?   Well, here comes WOD #2!!!   Are you ready?   Get your head in the game! No internal negative talk, STOP! Didn’t you do this thing to compete?  To do your personal best?   I thought so, so any negativity will certainly cloud your performance.  Tomorrow is another day!   So, what if you’re […]