Daily WOD

Daily WOD

What’s behind that workout you see on the board every time you walk into gym? CrossFit is “high intensity functional fitness across broad time and modal domains”. What in the hell does that mean? You get the functional aspect. We are form focused and can apply the majority of our movements to everyday life. “Functional strength is the successful application of force along productive lines.”

A registered CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit by Bodyfit acknowledges the CrossFit Methodology, and supports it’s prescribed concept of “constantly varied, functional movements practiced at high intensity” in a small, structured group workouts or classes. Like all other affiliates, we regularly incorporate many of the fun, intense, challenging “Benchmark” workouts notoriously prescribed by CrossFit (eg. “Cindy”, “Grace”, “Fran”, “Angie”, “Kelly”, etc.) into our programming. Also like many other affiliates, we design and structure our workouts so that they feel ‘random’. The variation keeps people guessing, and – generally speaking – is part of what makes CrossFit so alluring. In reality, our programming is very carefully structured as to ensure that clients are receiving the proper mix of training they need in each discipline, when they need it. Such structure helps ensure that our clients are ready for the challenges they’ll face in upcoming Benchmark workouts, their sport of choice, during the upcoming season, or in life in general.

Now that we understand the underlying philosophy behind CrossFit; I want to discuss why some workouts that look relatively benign, kick your butt. All movements in CrossFit are total body and tax your core. The core is our power source. Weaker cores will improve strength by performing CF movements under the CF philosophy. Weak cores manifest themselves in a rounded back under load in movements such as front squats and deadlifts. Stabilizing weight overhead is another core ripping movement. Now if we combine overhead squats with knees to elbows, v-ups or sit-ups; the combination will increase the difficulty that much more. Another merciless combo would be deadlifts and running. Deadlifts, back extensions, lunges and good mornings all work your glutes and hams. When you take off to run right after performing one or more of those movements, your hamstrings are fatigued and you are left with a slow start on the run. You can see that the combination of movements will get you every time. Some other brutal combos include burpees and deadlifts, pull-ups, or cleans. Any type of pushup combined with a press. Sumo deadlift high pulls with rowing is a tough one. We normally sub SDHPs for rowing if that gives you a clue to similarity of the movements. What about running and anything heavy? We return to the gym out of breath from the run and have to control your breathing for the heavy lift so you can bear down and perform the lift safely.

Whether we are taxing the same muscle groups, mixing high cardio with the heavy stuff or changing the intensity through the time factor; you are experiencing some tough workouts. Combine that with the fatigue from the heavy or skill portion before the metcon, and you just put yourself though a killer workout. This stuff is crazy addictive and keeps you coming back for more. The best part: it works!

*All quotes are by the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman.

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