Membership Options & Pricing

When you join us at CrossFit by Bodyfit, you may be thinking that you’re just joining a gym. You’ll be wrong. Why is CrossFit so expensive? We invest in our members! We invest in our staff. We invest in our facility. We invest in giving our members an experience. You’re not paying for access to some equipment, half of which you don’t know how to use. You’re paying for a change in lifestyle. You’re paying for a place that, in many cases, can become the social hub of your days. While classes may last 60 minutes, members hang around for twice that time AFTER they finish their workout. It’s a place where others will hold you accountable for your actions. Being part of a community of like-minded people is going to increase your chances of success.  The “suffering” is always easier when you have people to join you!

We are here to empower people to make better and more informed decisions about health and fitness. We teach how to lift safely and efficiently. We are a vehicle of change that can add 20-40 years to a person’s life. What would you pay to add years to your life?

Membership Options

Unlimited Membership                                               $125/month

LEO, EMT, Fire, Active Military Unlimited            $100/month

769 S San Jacinto Ave (entrance on Shaver), San Jacinto, CA 92583
Open hours
Mon - Sat