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WOD 01.12.10

WOD……. TBA Look how different our running styles are…. I’m  heel striking and Blake is running much more efficient….Maybe I need to get with his trainer CrossFit Breakaway….. Yummy Paleo Recipes…….If you have a sweet tooth heres one recipe from CrossFit Breakaway Paleo LemonLime Curd Nut Bars 6 egg yolks 1/4 cup rich honey, chestnut or wildflower Grated zest […]

WOD 11.20.09

Rest Day or Make up a WOD you missed This Sat. @ 8:30am is the first meeting for the Diamond Valley Lake Marathon…Then the WOD New Endurance class Mon and Wed 6:30pm or join the morning crew @ 5:30am Tues and Thurs SealFit.com Kevin Penner is a fan of CrossFit by Bodyfit Create your Fan […]

WOD 08.20.09

AMRAP in 20min of: 5 Handstand Push-ups 10 Bench Press 135 lbs 15 Push Press 95 lbs 20 Ring Dips Post total rounds. Kevin 4 Rounds + 10 Bench Press As Rx’d Tim  2 Rounds + 9 ring dips As Rx’d Lynay  3 Rounds + 6 bench press  (grn/purp band HSPUs  purp band ring dips […]

Rest Day 07.30.09

Rest Day or Thursday class: Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3 In August I will be offering Endurance classes to those who are interested (if your interested please let me know)the days and times TBA locations will change depending on workout type ( these classes will be to supplement your CF training not replace) Please read the article […]

WOD 07.22.09

4 Round for time of: 500m run 25 KB swings 10 Burpees From CrossFit Endurance talking about why overtraining in an oxidative state is counterproductive…

9.5 Miles

Well Yesterday I decide to run 10 miles…….I thought the route I had mapped out was about 10miles but after I had finish I checked it out on Map my run and I came up a bit short……Oh well maybe next week!