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WOD 10.20.14

WARM UP Joint Rotations Shoulder Pass Through easy 400m run Group warm up 10min WOD For time: Row 1000m 30 Handstand Push Ups (scale is double reps hand release push ups) Run 1000m EWOD Run 400m x 5 rest 90sec Post total time including rest   CrossFit By BodyFit769 South San Jacinto Ave #C San Jacinto, CA, 92583 USA crossfitbybodyfit@gmail.com • 951-378-3563


OPEN GYM FRIDAY! Make up a workout you missed this week. Smash a wod you’ve had your eye on. Lift something heavy! 5:30am-6:30am 9:30am-10:30am 3:30pm-6:30pm Don’t forget this Saturday is Bring your friends and family free. 8:00am

WOD 10.14.14

WARM UP 10min Group Warm up WOD Shoulder Press 1×5 at 50% 1RM 1×3 at 60% 1RM 1×2 at 70% 1RM 1×1 at 75% 1RM 1×1 at 80% 1RM 1×1 at 85% 1RM 1×1 at 90% 1RM Then As many reps in 15 mins as you can of: Ring Dip Hold, 30 secs Ring Dip […]

WOD 10.09.14

WARM UP 10min warm up on movements WOD 45 minute amrap 20 situps 20 cals row/or 200m run 5 cleans 175/115# 10 hand stand pushups Or Hand release push ups 50 double unders Or 100 singles 15 pullups

WOD 10.07.14

WARM UP 75 reps Snatch (use bar or dowel) WOD Press 70% 1×1 75% 1×1 85% 5×3 Then Complete 5 rounds: Handstand Push Ups – max reps Scaled – Hand release push ups – max reps *rest as needed between rounds then… Complete 8 rounds: Sprint 100 yards *rest 45 seconds between rounds Post total […]

WOD 10.06.14

WARM UP Joint rotation Shoulder pass through 10min AMRAP of 5 Strict pull up 10 push up strict 15 air squat WOD Squat 70% 1×1 75% 1×1 85% 5×3 Then Row 500m 50 Wall Ball 30/20 adv 20/16 Rxd 16/12 scaled 50 push ups (ring push ups for advanced) 50 Kettlebell swing Russian 88/70 advanced […]

WOD 10.02.14

WARM UP Group Warm up WOD Team WOD (If you dont have a partner we will figure it out) (Or bring a friend) WOD #1 400m Yoke Carry (one athlete at a time carry’s the Yoke) Once athlete #1 sets the yoke down each athlete must preform 3 burpee over Yoke then Athlete #2 can […]

WOD 09.30.14

WARM UP w/ an empty bar 5 Deadlft 5 Hang power clean 5 Thruster Max Strict Pull ups 3 rounds WOD “Fran” Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of: 95 pound Thruster Pull-ups Post time to comments Then Shoulder Press 7×3 at 75% 1RM Rest as needed between sets.

WOD 09.29.14

WARM UP 20 Burpee Sprint WOD Jeremy 21-15-9 reps, for time of: Overhead Squat, 95/65 lbs Burpee STRENGTH Back Squat 7×3 at 75% 1RM Rest as needed between sets. EWOD 5k Row

WOD 09.25.14

Its Roxanne’s last day tomorrow she is moving up north. We WILL MISS YOU KID! WARM UP Roxanne Burpee Warm Up WOD As many reps in 10 mins as you can of: Row (calories), 4 mins Rest 1 min Pull-up, 3 mins Rest 1 min Back Squat, 1x bodyweight (3/4 for women), 2 mins Rest […]