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WOD 01.12.10

WOD……. TBA Look how different our running styles are…. I’m  heel striking and Blake is running much more efficient….Maybe I need to get with his trainer CrossFit Breakaway….. Yummy Paleo Recipes…….If you have a sweet tooth heres one recipe from CrossFit Breakaway Paleo LemonLime Curd Nut Bars 6 egg yolks 1/4 cup rich honey, chestnut or wildflower Grated zest […]

WOD 07.13.09

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of: 185 pound Front squat GHD Sit-up We had a great turnout on Saturday……Steven raised over 200.00 towards his roadie fund……Thanks everyone!

10 rounds for time of:

135lbs Deadlift 15 reps 15 Push ups Dion 28:52 115/95lbs Kevin 14:50 as Rx’d Steve B 26:07 135/95lbs Lynay 16:01 75lbs Brent 20:01 Paul 21:18 Daniel 28:50 95lbs Ramses 24:55 as Rx,d Karen 21:46 pvc Tim 22:57 115lbs Jenn 27:38 8lbs Med ball cleans